Boot Women first started organising walks and activities in the 1980s. From 1993, walks took place every second Sunday of the month and a newsletter was posted (later emailed) to members of the group.


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Boot Women memories:
We recently asked our members for their favourite memories of Boot Women and of the group’s activities. Here are some of the answers.

I have met some lovely people on Boot Women walks. Only starting a few months ago, they have made me feel part of the group and really welcoming.”

Love the walks. Over the years they have been a life line since my divorce. [I enjoy] being able to make meaningful connections. Thanks Boot Women, for all that you do”

Only joined in the last 2 years however it has provided an incredible safe place to assist in the rediscovery of myself and to meet some lovely interesting souls. Exceptionally grateful for every walk and beneficial impact it has had on my mental well-being.”

“[I loved the] Birmingham canal walk – ended up in the pub. Not many memories of that one 😉”

“The Christmas walk and market is always very enjoyable.”

“[I liked] the weekend at Bamford Bunkhouse and the Severn Valley Railway.”

“I first walked with Boot Women in the Autumn of 1996. I met my partner on these walks and we’re celebrating being together for 25 years next month. Many thanks to [Boot Women] for organising these walks.”

“I really enjoyed the trip to Shibden Hall last year.”

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The chair of our group talks about Boot Women in the 1990s in an interview from the August 1997 edition of The Outpost

Birmingham Pride
We usually walk in the Parade at Birmingham Pride – even when it’s wet. Come join us this year!




Do YOU have memories of Boot Women walks and events or old photos that you would like to share with us? Please leave a comment below or get in touch!

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